At U-tron, we develop automated parking systems intended to benefit every business. U-tron’s’ automated parking solutions are designed and constructed to utilize any given volume, optimizing your real estate, and to achieve the required number of parking spaces. U-tron allows you to reduce parking volume and maximize capacity by minimizing the space between cars, clear heights, and the elimination of ramps needed in conventional structured parking.

You’ll also be able to ensure the safety of everyone’s vehicle, as the driver is the last person to be inside of the car before it is parked.  Automated parking has many advantages and below are just a few examples as to why every business should make the investment.

Cost-Effective: Automated parking systems can be very cost-effective for any business due to: reduced lighting and ventilation requirements, elimination of valets parking cars within the garage, reduction in overall maintenance/repair costs, accelerated depreciation, and savings on insurance premiums as the structure is an unoccupied space.

Security and Safety: Another significant benefit of automatic parking garages is that they provide a safer and more secure parking experience. The driver maintains the keys, keeping the vehicle contents secure and there is no parking related damage such as scrapes and dents. The vehicle is also delivered to the central waiting area, improving safety.

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For more information on how your company can benefit from an automated parking garage, contact U-tron today at (201) 592-1444.