Automated Parking can save 50% of parking footprint

Parking garages typically require big volumes and are not efficient with the land use. Automated parking systems can practically reduce 50% of the space, while providing the same (and sometimes more) number of parking spaces as a conventional garage.

Automated parking system eliminates human involvement in the parking process. No car maneuvering is needed, so no ramps and turning radiuses are built. Humans are not walking inside the vault, hence cars  are stored in narrow stalls, that don’t require doors opening or high ceiling heights. Also, no stairs or elevators for passengers are required.

The result is an efficient and optimized space, designed just for parking.

Automated parking requires less excavations and can shorten construction schedule

Smaller parking volume results in less excavations. In some cases U-tron’s  solution succeeded to completely blend parking structures into the overall design of spaces. The development benefits are huge: shrinking the parking footprint allows for smaller and efficient building design, translated into building materials savings, faster return-on-investment and shorter construction schedules.

Automated parking does not cost more than conventional parking

The capital expense to build an automated parking system might be lower, similar or higher than the expense for a conventional parking structure, but unlike conventional parking, the savings of automated parking do not end on the capital end, but continue to the operational end.

Automated parking uses less volume (up to 50% less), which could be used for revenue generating uses such as additional units, commercial or retail space.

The operational costs of an automated parking system are composed of maintenance and utility costs, but those are lower than the costs of conventional garage that requires manpower, 24/7 lighting, elevators and ventilation.

At the end of the day the formula is simple: Similar capital costs, combined with higher revenue from freed space and savings on parking related costs result in Faster ROI.

U-tron is a leading turnkey provider in US & Canada for Automated Parking Solutions

We are proud to be a US  local company and a turnkey provider of successful automated parking systems. We design, manufacture install and service our systems, utilizing our own technology by our dedicated teams. With 7 operational systems and 20 more in the pipeline, we are the most experienced provider of automated parking solutions in the US.

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