In many ways, the world has entered the future, embracing robotics and automation to improve design, processes and services. Parking is one of those services, and it has been in dire need of improvement for some time now. Even in the most well-planned and accommodating buildings , parking garages can be a nightmare for both drivers and their owners alike.

A fully automated parking system from Utron handles every aspect of vehicle parking. Instead of an attended garage or self-park one, the entire parking process is automated. Drivers simply pull up, park in the designated, easy to access cabin, and turn off their vehicles. Then, once parking is activated, with people are out of the way, the platform transports the vehicle to an available space and “parks” it for the driver.

How does a driver retrieve their car from an automated parking garage?

When the driver returns, they utilize their ticket (actual or digital) or phone app to retrieve their vehicle, which they can then simply get in and drive away from the parking structure. U-tron’s systems allow users to link up with its app for online payment to get even simpler service when it comes to parking.

There are several benefits to automated parking, but by and large, the biggest perk is the reduction in space required. You can fit so many more vehicles in a space when you switch you an automated parking system. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about if your attendants are going to show up for their shift because the robots will always be ready to go to work.

It might seem like it’s still a bit too futuristic for your needs, but automated parking really is the future and there is no better time to embrace it than now.