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Automated Parking – A quick introduction

The complet introduction to automated parking. See how the system works, how easy and efforteless the user expereience is and learn about the huge benefits for new developments.

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Automated Parking Garage in One Park building

New system at One Park condominium, Cliffside Park, NJ

A short video on how an automated parking systems work, taken at One Park development, Cliffside Park, NJ

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Underground Cylinder Automated Parking Solution – A Unique Solution, Especially Designed For Airports

Introducing our unique cylinder undersgraound auomated parking solution, that can excavate up to 30 stories deep. Huge space saving benefits and a premium and personelized user experience.

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Unitronics CEO is talking about automated parking

U-tron’s CEO Mr. Haim Shani is talking about the benefits of Automated Parking Solutions

Watch a 3 minutes video with our CEO talking about the extensive improvements that automated parking brings to a real estate development.

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ParkGarden - Automated parking garage entry

ABC 7 NY News TV cover story of U-tron automated parking garage at Park & Garden, NJ.

Watch a short video by ABC 7 NY News TV on our automated parking solution in Hoboken, NJ.

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Automated Parking Garage in West Hollywood

SoCal Connected video on our automated parking system in WeHo, Ca

Watch a video on the making-of and the benefits of our WeHo automated parking system, in one of the most dense cities in America.

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U-tron SLIDE is our conveyor solution for robust automated parking systems

U-tron SLIDE© is our conveyor system for robust Automated Parking Solutions. It provides the maximum amount of parking spaces in complicated conditions.

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U-tron PACE solution - automated parking

U-tron PACE is our shuttle solution for high performance automated parking systems

U-tron PACE© is composed of Lifts and Shuttles and can work in single/multi-level structures. U-Tron PACE is designed to accommodate high parking capacity while providing high performance level.

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