Utron Stacker Parking system is a semi-automated parking garage designed to maximize vertical space, enabling multiple levels of parking within a single structure. Ideal for both new construction and retrofit projects, Stacker Parking offers a versatile and efficient solution. Vehicles are stored on platforms that can be raised and lowered, allowing more cars to fit into a smaller area.


2-4 Floors Above Ground (Dependent System)

This system features 2 to 4 floors of parking above ground. It is a dependent system, meaning that to access the upper levels, the vehicle on the lower levels must first be moved. This solution is ideal for locations with moderate to high parking demands and is cost-effective due to its simplicity.

Stacker system 3 floors

2 Floors with a Pit (Independent System)

The 2-floor system with a pit offers independent access to each level. The lower level is situated below ground, allowing the upper platform to be lowered directly to the ground level for easy access. This design eliminates the need to move the lower vehicle to access the upper one, enhancing convenience and user experience.

Stacker system with a pit
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  • Highly modular design, suitable for various building configurations

  • Ideal for new construction and retrofits

  • Utilization of vertical space without compromising retrieval speed

  • Average retrieval time as low as 45 seconds

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations

  • Lower cost per space compared to traditional parking structures

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  • Valet calling your platform
    When you’re ready to park, the valet will call your platform using a control panel. Your platform will be brought to grade level for you to park.

  • Entering the platform
    You or the valet park your car on the platform by driving until the wheels touch the metal bar at the back. Ensure you park in the middle to distribute the weight evenly. Close the doors and windows, engage the handbrake, and leave the vehicle.

  • Car is transferred to parking space
    The valet will confirm that the platform is ready for storage. Once confirmed, the vehicle is moved to its specified storage position within the stacker parking system using a control interface.

stacker system Utron


stacker parking system
  • Car retrieval request
    Ask the valet to retrieve your car.

  • Car is retrieved from storage
    The valet brings the vehicle to the same position at the entrance using a control interface.

  • Exiting the Stacker Parking System
    Once the vehicle is at the entrance, enter your vehicle, start it, and drive away.


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