From Auto Lot to Innovation Hub: The Story of 250 California Drive

In July 2023, the cityscape of Burlingame welcomed a transformative addition with the completion of the 250 California Drive 4th-floor office building. Spanning 33,845 square feet, this development emerged from the conversion of an existing automobile sales lot, showcasing a dedication to optimizing urban spaces.

Situated within the Burlingame Downtown Specific Plan area, the 11,515 square-foot site adheres to the plan’s regulations and guidelines. Boasting a commendable 106 on-site parking stalls utilizing Utron’s Slide automated parking solution, this Class A+ Transit Oriented Development is strategically located just 10-minutes drive from San Francisco International Airport. Nestled in the heart of Burlingame, this development is a mere 2-minute walk from a Walker’s Paradise, providing easy access to numerous restaurants, shopping, and service amenities.

250 California, Burlingame Downtown
Burlingame Downtown

Multiplying Parking Spaces by 8: Utron’s Slide Solution

From an initial 13 parking spaces on one floor to an impressive 106 across three floors underground, the implementation of Utron’s Slide automated parking system revolutionized the parking capacity at 250 California Drive. This substantial increase, an eightfold expansion, highlights the efficacy of Utron’s innovative solution.

Ryan Guibara, the project applicant behind this building, emphasizes the strategic choice of an automated parking system for this urban center. Guibara states, “We elected to use an automated parking system because of the small site located in an urban center. The Utron Slide System ultimately gave us the most efficient layout, resulting in 8 times the amount of parking compared to a conventional parking garage.”

About Utron’s Slide System

Utron’s Slide System is a Conveyor Automated Parking solution. Comprising stationary conveyors executing multi-dimensional movements of vehicles stored on pallets, this system stands as a statement to innovation in parking solutions.

Slide automated parking system
Slide automated parking system , Utron

Shaping the Future of Urban Parking

The Utron Slide Automated Parking System at 250 California Drive represents more than just a parking solution; it’s a paradigm shift in optimizing urban spaces. As technology seamlessly integrates with urban planning, the future of parking is both innovative and efficient, embodied by the Utron Slide System.