Unitronics Unveils U-tron: New Division Is The First To Offer Fully-Automated Parking Systems With: Lifesyle Designs, Consumer App and Exceptional User Experience

U-tron Provides Real-Estate Developers and Architects with improved ROI and space savings benefits.

New York, NY (September 24, 2018) – Unitronics, a leading provider of automated parking systems, today unveils U-tron, a new division dedicated to the first consumer-focused, app-controlled automated parking solutions.

U-Tron is building on Unitronics’ leading, field-proven parking systems with an exceptional user experience that offers drivers a seamless process via iPhone and Android app, architects with additional design space and developers with a highly desirable, state-of-the art amenity appealing to today’s real estate buyer.

User Experience At The Forefront Of Our Automated Parking Solutions

“Technology places control and information at the tip of our fingers, and User Experience is at the forefront of all successful products. Why should parking be any different?” said Unitronics’ Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, Yair Goldberg. “We realized that the experience that consumers get from products such as Uber and Waze is setting the standard that needs to be applied to parking. U-tron Fully Automated Parking solutions flips the parking garage from necessary eyesore to crown jewel of a building, and architects, developers and real estate buyers agree.”

35% Less Parking Area – More Residential Units

“Working with U-tron opened up new opportunities for us in the design of our mixed-use building,” said Dean Marchetto, founding principal of MHS, the architectural firm for Park+Garden development in Hoboken, NJ. “U-tron’s parking systems allowed us to reduce the size of our parking area by 35% resulting in significant additional space for principle uses such as commercial or residential units. In one case it allowed us to eliminate a costly basement parking level, which saved significant time and money in construction. It’s also personal for me. I park my car in a U-tron garage every night and I love it.”

The Autonomous Parking Process

The U-tron autonomous parking process is quick and simple: Once the driver pulls into a bay, the system guides the driver into position, a process that takes about 20 seconds. Once positioned, the driver exits the vehicle and activates the parking process through the app (or other credentials) or by pulling a parking ticket. An array of robots controlled by advanced software algorithms load and store the vehicle safely and swiftly. Retrieving the vehicle is done through the app or payment of the parking fee, which triggers the automated parking robots to load the vehicle from storage and swiftly deliver it to its owner. Using the app and system interface, the driver is informed of general system status and their specific vehicle processes, providing them with full control over the parking process.

Features Automated Parking System

Features of the U-Tron Fully Automated Parking System include:

  • Mobile App that provides drivers with information and visibility into the parking process.
  • Convenience of Valet Parking without the Valet – Drivers pull in, turn off the engine, lock the car and leave. The robots do the rest of the work.
  • Improved ROI – Reduced operational cost by means of labor, Insurance, depreciation, and power consumption.
  • Space Saving – Provides the same parking capacity with space savings of up to 65%.

Announcing a New Project

With 6 systems in operation in Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey, U-tron currently has 20 projects in the works across the country and just signed a new agreement with Easy Park for the largest robotic parking system in the US.

Based in Houston, this project will provide 664 fully automated parking spaces for a new mixed-use commercial and residential real estate development scheduled to open in late 2020.

“U-tron’s automated parking design enables us to develop and optimize both the commercial and residential aspects of our developments, while improving the return on investment and delivering a first-in-class parking experience” said Jesse Levine, of Easy Park, the development company behind the project. “This is our second project underway with U-tron and we look forward to future potentials to improve our land use and financial returns with U-tron solutions”.

About U-tron

Established in 1989, Unitronics specializes in the development of automated parking solutions, automated storage and logistics systems, and PLCs for industrial automation. Unitronics’ solutions are designed to create an enhanced interaction between people and machines, utilizing user-friendly visual interfaces, as well as, enabling remote management employing the latest technologies. Unitronics’ international distribution network includes over 160 distributors and sales and service offices worldwide.

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