Utron PUZZLE is a Semi-Automated parking garage system allows each space to be independently accessed and does not require a parking attendant.

The Puzzle car lift is ideal for new construction or retrofit projects that have a minimum clear height of 12′ 5″. It is extremely versatile and is available up to 5 levels, with or without pits, and can be designed in tandem configurations with electric vehicle charging capabilities.



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Strong and Silent

Cars are stored and retrieved with vertical and lateral motion in a superior chain-driven car stacker system. Other systems often use inferior mechanical parts, and utilize unreliable and expensive hydraulic systems.

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Customized Solutions

Utron’s expert engineering and design teams are innovators in the automated parking industry. Together we will work with your architect and project manager to design the best parking garage solution for your project. We have our own facility fully dedicated to our parking structures, and we will work with you every step of the way, from conception to delivery to servicing. Maximize your space and value by allocating land to better uses.

Puzzle in a Box

Standalone Puzzle-in-a-Box systems are extremely versatile and can be built to complement the look of new and existing projects. Our customers have used Puzzle-in-a-Box systems to create safe and convenient smart parking systems for residential and workplace projects.

semi automated parking garage
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Benefits of Utron PUZZLE parking system
  • Highly modular design, with or without pits

  • Ideal for new construction or retrofits

  • Built in tandem configurations without impacting retrieval times

  • No attendant required

  • As low as 30 seconds average retrieval time

  • Used both indoors and outdoor

  • Lower cost per space

Considerations of Utron PUZZLE system
  • Building columns shall be situated outside the “footprint” of a parking module without overlapped with the area used by system. Without column interference, parking modules can be grouped to optimize the number of parking spaces.

  • The systems are free-standing and do not connect to building columns.

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Typical Layouts

2-level Puzzle (+2), 5 Cars

puzzle parking system drawing with arrows

3-Level Puzzle with Pit (-1+2), 8 Cars

puzzle parking system drawing
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