Automated parking systems are quickly becoming popular in large cities where real estate is at a premium. When you can’t build out, you’ve only got two options: build up, or build down. With automated parking systems, you can create both above-ground and underground parking solutions that will improve the design and operations of your building and stop the headaches that come with a traditional parking garage.

If you’re not familiar with automated parking systems, here are some pros to consider:

The Pros

  • Drastic reduction of parking footprint (30% to 50% less than conventional parking)
  • Improvement of development value and project’s ROI Saving space, which increases use of valuable revenue-generating area
  • Reduced operational costs including utilities, insurance premiums, and personnel
  • More security for patrons and parking lot attendants alike
  • Reduced emissions because vehicles are turned off as soon as they enter the garage or lot
  • Reduced risk of vandalism and theft
  • Easier integration because there is no need for the ramped floors or other details

The Bottom Line

Automated parking systems can be the ideal upgrade for commercial businesses and residential buildings that need a parking solution. Vehicles can be safely stored in larger quantities, offering a convenient option for people who are tired of wandering around the garage looking for their car. It’s a great choice to save time, money, hassle, and more.

If you’re considering upgrading your parking situation, automated parking should be on your list. You can even get an estimate on what it might cost to install your automated parking solution so that you can make the right decision.