Automated parking systems have revolutionized the way we approach parking spaces, increasing efficiency, saving space, and minimizing environmental impact in a fast-paced world of technological advancement.

We will explore the different types of automated parking: fully automated, puzzle, and stackers, shedding light on their functionalities and benefits.

Fully Automated Parking

Fully automated parking systems represent the forefront of innovation in the parking industry. These systems eliminate the need for human intervention entirely, utilizing advanced technology to park and retrieve vehicles automatically.

Utron's Autmated parking system - a look from the inside
automated parking structure above ground

Vehicles are typically driven onto a designated platform or bay, and the system takes over from there, transporting the vehicle to an available parking space using a combination of lifts, conveyors, and shuttles. Fully automated parking is known for its space efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and the convenience it offers to users.

Benefits of automated parking systems

  • Optimal space utilization, allowing for a higher density of parked vehicles.

  • Reduced emissions as engines are turned off during the parking process.

  • Enhanced safety with minimized human involvement, decreasing the risk of accidents.

Puzzle Parking Systems

Puzzle parking systems, also known as semi-automated systems, are designed to optimize parking space in limited areas through a combination of horizontal and vertical movements. These systems, resembling puzzle pieces fitting together, are versatile and can be installed both above ground and underground, making them suitable for various urban environments.

automated parking garage
semi automated parking garage

How it Works

  • Vehicles are driven onto a pallet or platform at the entrance.

  • The system automatically transports and places the vehicle into an available parking slot using a combination of lateral and vertical movements.

  • Retrieval is as simple as inputting a command, and the system delivers the vehicle back to the entrance.

Benefits of puzzle parking systems

  • Efficient use of available space, particularly in urban settings where land is at a premium.

  • Increased capacity by stacking vehicles both vertically and horizontally.

  • Reduced construction costs compared to traditional parking structures.

puzzle parking system drawing with arrows


Stacker systems are a popular choice for automated parking in areas with limited space. These systems utilize vertical stacking, allowing multiple vehicles to be parked in a compact, vertical arrangement. Stackers come in various configurations, such as double-deckers or triple-deckers, providing flexibility to cater to different space requirements.

stacker system Utron
Stacker parking Utron

How it Works

  • Vehicles are driven onto a platform or pallet.

  • The platform is lifted vertically, stacking the vehicles on top of each other.

  • Retrieval involves reversing the process, lowering the platform to ground level for easy access.

Benefits of Stacker Parking Systems

  • Efficient use of vertical space, making it suitable for areas with limited footprint.

  • Reduced land usage compared to traditional parking structures.

  • Quick retrieval process, enhancing user convenience.

Stacker parking Utron

As smart cities continue to evolve, embracing technological solutions becomes essential, and automated parking systems represent a significant step forward. Whether it’s fully automated, puzzle, or stacker systems, each type brings its own set of advantages, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient urban landscape.

Utron is leading the way in the parking revolution by offering innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of modern urban environments.