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As a market leader in Automated Parking, U-tron is committed to delivering the best automated parking solutions as well as the ultimate user experience. This is why we are the first to introduce an echo system of smart services that provide a better, faster, and more enjoyable parking experience. 

We call it – U-tron Smart.

What is U-tron Smart

U-tron Smart is a collection of cloud-based innovative services that integrate our automated parking solutions using underlying technologies. It provides efficient and time-saving tools to users as well as data-driven management tools for optimized garage management, all wrapped in elegant and modern design.

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Components of U-tron Smart Echo System

1. Mobile APP

Full parking and retrieving process using a mobile app. 

Users get full visibility of their vehicle status, position in the queue, ETA for car delivery, and secure payment where needed. The app allows remote orders for minimum waiting time. Moreover, the seamless process prevents sharing touchpoints with others, which is a huge advantage during and after the pandemic. The result is an efficient and convenient parking process..

utron mobile app for parking garages

2. Kiosk & Payment machine

The U-tron Smart kiosks are easy-to-use high-end screens made of the finest materials and designed for intuitive and super friendly operation.

The kiosks are fully customizable and offer several user Identification options for both residential and transient users. In addition, they are adjustable to a variety of payment methods or other building functionalities. 

automated parking kiosk

3. Driver Guidance System

Although with U-tron the parking process is fully automated, still the drivers have an essential part to place the vehicle correctly to ensure a quick and smooth process. The U-tron Smart Driver Guidance System displays the vehicle’s placement in real-time and features live instructions while the driver enters the bay. 

automated parking easy to use kiosk

4. Reception Room Screen

The reception screen displays the retrieval queue and the estimated time for the delivery of the car. It also guides users to the right bay. This is where users who order vehicles remotely receive the Release Key that signals the system that the user is ready to pick up the car. 

The building management can customize additional information such as weather or traffic news. 

dashboard for automated parking system

5. EV Charging

The U-tron EV-Charger system allows automatic charging for electric vehicles. The design is fully customizable for location and quantity of charging stations The system is compatible with the SEA J1772 Standard and with a universal EV charge plug. 

For some garage managements, it may serve as a revenue opportunity.  

semi-automated parking mobile app with ev charging

6. Live Help

24/7 live human support in addition to tutorial videos and FAQ’s portal. 

7. Data and Analysis

This system proactively monitors the garage to ensure smooth operation. It is capable of eliminating the need for technician visits and resolving potential faults.

automated parking security center

8. User Management System

The management system handles and controls all garage users and supports revenue-related matters. In addition, the system is fully customizable for a variety of users such as subscribers, transients, building employees, etc.

Users can customize billing rules for each group, receive reports and customize operations such as EV charging, ADA, scheduling integration, and many more.  

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