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The lobbey screen is an essential part of the retrieval process in an automated parking system. The vehicle’s delivery starts with a request made using the U-tron app or the parking kiosk, and right after, the screen displays the updated queue information.

Similar to airport departures/arrivals display systems, the U-tron screen seamlessly updates ETA’s (Estimated Arrival Times) and the bay room number to delivery.

The Release Key

At the bottom right corner of the reception room screen, app users will find a four-digit code – release key – to enter the app. The release key is the last step to confirm that the user is physically close to the bay room and ready to get her vehicle.

The reception screen of the U-tron automated parking

The reception screen at Utron automated parking garage
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Design and features

The Reception Room screen includes five information areas

  1. The Retrieval Queue – on the upper left side, the screen displays the driver’s name /ticket number, ETA for vehicle delivery, and the bay number to get the car from. Every time a vehicle is picked out of the bay room, a yellow banner will indicate it and show an animated car driving out of the queue.
  2. General information area – on the right upper side, there is a short display of local weather information and news headlines. Building management may use this area for delivering messages. U-tron provides a content management system to share and control messages.
  3. Live video – in the middle of the right side, the screen displays a live video feed of the active exit bay rooms, as well as footage from the inside of the parking garage. When a vehicle is delivered to a bay toom, a yellow banner will pop up on the relevant live feed announcing the vehicle name and expected bay room.
  4. U-tron area – at the bottom of the screen, the screen prompts users to download the U-tron app. 
  5. Release key – as mentioned, the release key is an essential verification step in the retrieval process. Regardless of the device that initiates the retrieval request, a mobile app, or a kiosk, all users need to insert the release key to complete the retrieval process. 

Screen specifications

  • Each page displays a queue list of 8 users

  • The order of appearance on screen is by ETA, not by the time of request

  • Parts of information are fully customizable and may be operated by the building management

  • High end graphics and UI

  • ETA is calculated by a time-estimation algorithm

  • The live video feed displays six locations. In case of more than six, the screen will alternate pages (similar to airport flights)

Video feed on the reception screen in U-tron automated parking garage
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