Elysee, Miami, FL

Elysee, Miami, FL

Project Description


A 57-story luxury condominium, located along Biscayne Bay. The bay-front tower is part of the fast-growing neighborhood of East Edgewater, Miami, Florida.

The Real Estate Improvement

Elysee is a high-end high-rise waterfront development in the Edgewater neighborhood of Miami, which is a car-oriented city. Parking is provided by valet to meet the tenants’ requirements. By offering a smaller parking footprint with U-tron, the developer was able to add additional apartments and accelerate ROI.

254 NE 30th St, Miami, FL 33137

Two RoadsDevelopmentDeveloper
6Parking Levels
U-tron PaceSolution
71' (L) x 140' (W)Parking footprint
240Parking Spaces