South Florida is unique in any way you look at it, and its real-estate development is no different. The combination of water proximity, sophisticated clientele and the weather govern many of the considerations that come into play when developing real-estate in the region. Automated parking systems, where cars are parked, stored and retrieved without any human interaction, benefit the unique requirements of such developments in many ways. Here are 4 reasons why real estate in Florida should implement automated parking systems.

Superior parking experience

Amenities rule! Make the parking system a desirable feature of the building! The automated parking system allows tenants and visitors to experience convenient parking. The dedicated app for the building provides information and control over the parking process to the users. Only with a single click on the app, they can park and summon vehicles as well as view the vehicle live position.
As much as everybody loves South Florida weather, walking through the parking structure or waiting at the curb for the valet is always not enjoyable, especially during summer. With the fully automated parking, both tenants and visitors do not have to deal with this anymore. Ultimately, the automated parking offers superior user experience and unique differentiation to the real estate.

Excavation and space savings

In a reality where excavation for parking is not an option due to the proximity to water, automated parking systems provide the major benefit of significantly reducing the volume required for parking, sometimes up to 50%.  Shrinking the parking footprint allows for smaller and efficient building design, which is translated into savings, faster return-on-investment and shorter construction schedules.

Parking and car storage management

Many tenants are not present year-round, yet their cars do. This creates a requirement for a long term car storage system. Providing such using conventional parking within the building is a wasteful practice of space, and no one likes storing their car off-site, leaving the keys to strangers. Automated systems offer multi-level parking for a much more efficient parking flow based on the parking slot’s accessibility and vehicle’s in-and-out frequency. Car storage section will be allocated to a deeper level with lower accessibility (longer time to retrieve). Meanwhile, cars with daily in-and-out activities will be parked in a much more accessible level. Such combination allows the increase of the parking capacity in the building, without requiring additional machinery or manpower.

Weather protection

Everybody loves South Florida weather, more so when spending time at the beach, less when having to walk through a parking structure or wait curb side for the valet to get the car. Automated parking allows for car summoning from the comfort of your living room or a dedicated lobby, with a short walking distance to your car. The car is stored in an enclosed “vault” protecting it from the humidity and the heat, further enhancing the experience.

Automated Parking is the new Amenity

The combination of growing parking needs, the desire to optimize real estates footprint and the sophisticated users’ profile, makes Automated Parking an ideal solution to South Florida’s new developments. Drivers get a superb User Experience and developers get an optimized and improved project ROI.
It is the new amenity that fashionable South Florida would love to embrace.

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