Space-saving is what automated parking systems boast about. Stakeholders want to see how the system positively contributes to project ROI. 

This case study is about how U-tron condensed 10 parking levels into only 4, while creating 373 parking spaces compared to 300 in the conventional design.

Most importantly, the U-tron system enabled an additional 32 residential units into the building, which significantly increased the project’s ROI.

automated parking system benefits and space saving features
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Park + Graden: A luxurious eco-friendly development in Hoboken, NJ

Park + Garden is a luxurious eco-friendly mixed-use development in Hoboken, NJ, offering stunning rentals with premier amenities, including an on-site pet grooming salon, indoor basketball court, and outdoor pool.

It also contains an automated parking system designed, installed, and serviced by U-tron with 373 parking spaces.  The development also accommodates two levels of Charter school and some boutique retail shops on ground level.

Park + Garden Building
Park and Garden project Hoboken NJ
However, the initial design was somewhat different

The developers planned two towers with 180 rental units as well as a ten-story conventional parking garage to accommodate 300 spaces. The building is overlooking the Manhattan skyline, so there was a height limit. Developers could not build more than twelve stories in this area.

The initial plan with a conventional parking structure succeeded to meet the zoning requirements of both height and parking. Nevertheless, when the developers turn to U-tron with the request to design an automated parking system, the picture was significantly changed.

Initial Building Design
The original design of Park + Graden Hoboken NJ, before the automated parking system design was implemented
The U-tron project improvements

U-tron’s design succeeded to reduce the parking structure from 10 to only 4 levels. The new design took the parking out of the below grade and completely omitted the need to excavate. The parking capacity increased from 300 to 373 spaces. The freed-up spaces allowed the developer to create a beautiful park and common area with Barbecue grillers and outdoor pool on top of the parking roof.

Most importantly – the new U-tron automated parking design allowed additional 32 residential units into the building which significantly increased the project’s ROI.

In green – The additional residnetial units
In blue the location of the automated parking
Illustarion of the real improvements at Park+Garden thanks to the automated parking system
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