In the face of increasing EV prevalence, establishing an economical and efficient charging infrastructure is crucial. Utron’s integrated solutions offer a unique combination of versatile Mechanical Parking and charging capabilities within a single system.

The combination of a fully automated parking system with a robotic EV charging system enables you, the developer, to implement a considerably smaller number of EV charging stations to fulfill your users’ needs. The automated shuffling of cars in the garage ensures maximum efficiency in the use of each charging station by smartly managing the queue of cars waiting to be charged.

With a well-designed Mechanical parking and EV charging system, you can create scalable and profitable projects while delivering a superior user experience to owners, tenants, and visitors. Utron empowers you to meet the challenges of EV charging infrastructure head-on and achieve success in the electric mobility era.

Design and Implement Your Ideal Parking and Charging Platform

Utron offers a complete range of services to help you design and implement an optimal parking and charging platform for electric vehicles (EVs). Our solutions are designed to maximize your return on investment and cover every aspect, from design and manufacturing to installation and servicing. These include:

  • Energy management solutions that enable faster and more cost-effective charging of a higher number of EVs.
  • Development of a comprehensive plan to meet your current and future parking and charging needs.
  • Economically scalable solutions to facilitate up to 100% electrification in the future.
  • A user-friendly parking and charging experience, enhanced with various payment options.
  • Streamline your management and operations through the availability of integrated service and support plans, simplifying your overall experience.

The Smart Charger

This EV Charging solution is designed to optimize charging efficiency while minimizing infrastructure requirements. Key features of this solution include:

  • Intelligent queue management to ensure a smooth and organized charging process.
  • Seamless integration from plug to payment, providing a convenient and user-friendly experience.
  • Compatibility with the two most widely used plugs for EV charging, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.
  • Integration with Utron’s revenue control system, streamlining billing and revenue management processes.
  • Detailed power consumption data and analytics for better understanding and optimization of charging operations.



electric car charging in utron semi-automated parking

By implementing Utron’s Smart Charger-EV Charging solution, you can achieve more efficient charging outcomes with reduced infrastructure needs, while benefiting from advanced features that enhance the overall charging experience.