How it Works

How it Works


U-tron is a turnkey provider for autonomous parking solutions.
This unique solution provides more parking in less space, enabling high-density parking by eliminating the need for ramps and turning radiuses.
By combining an array of conveying devices with software designed for efficient storage and retrieval of cars, U-tron solutions boast an advanced yet simple user interface so users can quickly park and retrieve their car.

U-Tron Pace Parking Solution
  • U-Tron Pace is a single/multi-level, high-performance system composed of  Lifts, Shuttles and entry/exit Bay rooms. U-Tron PACE is designed to accommodate high parking capacity while providing high performance levels.

  • The Bay Room is the interface between the driver and the system. It is where the driver pulls in or retrieves the car from. The Bay Room is equipped with automated doors and sensors which measure the car’s dimensions for higher efficiency parking operation. Each bay room is equipped with a Kiosk which serves to store and retrieve the car from the automated parking system.

  • There are multiple Shuttles which move across the parking levels using the system’s lifts.

  • The Shuttle consists of a pair of satellite robots, which adjust to the car’s wheel base and lift the car of the surface from its tires.

  • The system is controlled by a management software and logic controllers.

U-tron Slide Parking Solution
  • U-Tron SLIDE is a single/multi-level composed of Lifts, conveyors and entry/exit Bay rooms. U-tron SLIDE is designed to allow for flexible parking arrays on small and challenging sites.

  • Cars are stored on pallets which are conveyed in a matrix array, for efficient and fast cycles.

  • The conveyor arrays allow multi-path movements which increase the system’s redundancy.
  • The system is customizable for different vehicle dimensions, based on the available parking footprint.
  • The system is controlled by a management software and logic controllers.

Parking Process

  • The automated parking solution consists of several Bays for storing and retrieving vehicles.
  • The driver approaches the bay with the car and stops at the marked sign. A rolling door opens and the user drives the car into the bay where it is measured by sensors and guided to the correct position by instructions on a screen in front of the driver. When the car is correctly positioned, the driver gets an on-screen approval that the car is ready to be parked.

  • The driver then exits the car and locks it, leaves the bay room and goes to the kiosk to complete the parking procedure. The parking process is initiated using the U-tron mobile App or at the kiosk payment machine with card swipe or by pulling a pay ticket.

  • When the request at the app/kiosk is complete, the bay door closes, and sensors sweep the room to detect that there is no movement outside the car. According to the car’s dimensions, a shuttle system retrieves the car from the bay and stores it in a suitable place.

  • The Bay room is now ready for another car to be parked, or for a car to be retrieved from storage.

Retrieval Process

  • The driver uses the app or swipes a personal card at the kiosk payment machine (or pays the parking fee), which triggers a request to retrieve the car.

  • The Kiosk screen displays the current request in the queue, together with requests from other drivers.

  • The automated shuttle system retrieves the car from storage and delivers it to an empty bay room.

  • The screen now shows the bay room in which the retrieved car will be delivered.

  • The designated bay room door opens with the car facing out and ready to go. All the user needs to do is get in and drive straight out.