At U-tron we offer the leading technology in parking automation to architects, developers, engineers, and business owners. Though automated parking may seem like a futuristic concept to some, we have the solutions to create seamlessly running automatic parking garages worldwide. When it comes to developing an automated parking garage, there are three solutions that we utilize: shuttle, conveyor, and crane.

U-tron Pace: Shuttle – The shuttle is a palletless, multi-level, and multi-depth solution, ideal for projects requiring larger parking capacities. The system is redundant and autonomously transports the vehicle from entry point to the perfect parking spot.

U-tron Slide: Conveyor – The conveyor is pallet-based, single/multi-level, multi-path, best for projects requiring medium to large parking capacities. The redundant conveyor-based solution autonomously transports the vehicle-on-pallet from entry point, through an organized matrix array, to the perfect parking spot. The conveyor is the most effective solution to convert existing parking structures into autonomous parking facilities.

Crane: The crane is a multi-level, multi-depth solution most effective for projects requiring smaller parking capacities. The crane-based solution autonomously transports the vehicle from entry point to the perfect parking spot in the most efficient linear path.

U-tron’s autonomous parking solutions are designed and constructed to utilize any given volume, optimizing your real estate, and achieve the required number of parking spaces. U-tron allows you to reduce parking volume and maximize capacity by minimizing the space between cars, clear heights, and the elimination of ramps needed in conventional structured parking. For more information on all of our parking solutions, call us today at (201) 592-1444.