When designing a parking garage for new developments, some basic components are considered industry standards. The average size of a parking space in an enclosed garage is 10’ X 20’. That’s about 200 square feet per space. The drive aisle is 20’-24’ wide. Parking spaces adjacent to walls, elevators, stairs etc. should be widened by one foot so the vehicle doors can be easily opened. As a rule of thumb, the average conventional parking space dimension would be 300-350 Sqf.

User comfort is a major consideration. Providing users with maximum maneuvering ability “pays” in space. 90-degree parking might be economical to the land use, but for drivers it is the most difficult to maneuver. Angled parking is less efficient with the number of stalls and requires one-way traffic.

To developers, the meaning of using conventional parking is allocating more volume to non-revenue-generating space.

Different Conventional Parking Arrangements  

Conventional parking typical layouts

Automated Parking Garage – The Most efficient Use Of Land

A typical parking space dimensions at an automated parking garage would be: 7.3’ wide X 18.06’ long. This is for the palette-less solution such as U-tron Pace. Adding a palette (for U-tron Slide solution) can bring it to 7.6′ X 18.1′.

Dimensions of parking space in an automated parking system

With no door opening clearance, and no pedestrian walkways, automated parking can squeeze 3 vehicles within 23.10” width.

Automated parking system squeezes 3 cars to a 23.1" wide

Additionaly, no turning radii are required, no space is designated to ramps or elvetaors for drivers. Cars are simply squeezed side by side and deep by the automated system, utilizing the parking footprint to its maximum efficienc

On average, automated parking garage utilizes 50% less of parking footprint, comparing to a conventional garage, freeing up valuable space and improving the project’s ROI.

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U-tron Shuttle-based automated parking - Vehicles squeezed side by side and deep in the most efficient arrangement

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