Introducing a new feature in Utron’s Smart Ecosystem!

At Utron, we understand the importance of efficient and effective communication in managing parking operations. We’re excited to introduce Utron GMT Messaging, a module designed to enhance interaction between garage management and parkers.

Managing parking communications has never been easier with the flexibility of communication options and intuitive interface.

Feature Overview

Utron GMT Messaging is a comprehensive communication module that allows garage management to connect with their parkers through text messages or emails.

Whether you need to send messages to individual parkers or to groups via a mailing list, Utron GMT Messaging has you covered.

Utron messaging

Key Features

The main page of Utron GMT Messaging is your central hub, featuring three essential tabs:

  1. Campaigns: Create and manage communication campaigns.
  2. Messaging History: Review past messages sent.
  3. Mailing Lists: Manage and edit your mailing lists.
Utron messaging new canpaign
Utron app

Ensuring compliance and respecting user preferences is critical. Users must opt-in to receive promotions:

  • Mobile Application: New users can opt-in during account setup, while existing users will be prompted upon their next login.
  • Kiosk: Transient users can opt-in while parking.

Why Use Utron Messaging?

  • Enhance communication efficiency with parkers.

  • Tailor messages to specific groups or individuals.

  • Easily manage and track all your communication campaigns.

  • Ensure compliance with user preferences for promotional messages.