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U-tron drives better real-estate development, when challenged by parking requirements, space constraints, construction and/or excavation cost and ROI acceleration. In addition, if you are aiming for project differentiation through high-end user experience and offering additional lifestyle amenities for your potential clients, U-tron is a game-changing parking solution.

U-tron helps you achieve the required parking capacity using a significantly smaller footprint, which frees up space that generates additional revenue, thus improving your ROI.

In addition – it’s a great tool for creating project differentiation and driving sales. Thanks to U-tron’s advanced system your clients will enjoy the most efficient and trouble-free parking experience, with an advanced app and a stylish waiting lounge while the car is retrieved. In other words, U-tron provides the comfort of valet parking, just without the valet

U-tron will allow you to offer on-site parking and additional lifestyle amenities like a rooftop pool or garden, that would not be possible if using a traditional parking solution.

U-tron serves as a tool for achieving a superior design. The space freed up by using U-tron allows for design flexibility at other areas of the design, and contributes to a better building design flow.

U-tron provides solutions for a wide range of parking capacity needs, from a few spaces to hundreds and even thousands of parking spaces. The U-tron family of products addresses different parking capacity and performance requirements of your project, no matter what size.

A major part of designing an automated parking system takes into consideration the scenario of peak retrieval rate, when vehicles are parked and retrieved simultaneously.

U-tron provides users with full visibility of their parking/retrieval process, through a mobile app and screens located at the waiting areas. The information provided further improves the user experience, mainly (but not limited to) at peak performance time.

Yes. U-tron’s space savings translates into shorter construction timetables, by building smaller and using less building materials.

No. The cost of service and maintenance is determined by the quantity of equipment comprising the entire system and the level of use.
Overall operational costs are lower than with conventional parking due to savings in lighting, ventilation, manpower, insurance costs and last but not least, faster depreciation.

U-tron is a result of over 30 years of experience in design and implementation of storage/retrieval systems. The technology it uses is similar to elevator technology, and has been field proven for 30 years. U-tron’s designs emphasize redundancies aimed at achieving full reliability and availability rates

U-tron is designed with redundancies that minimize the risk of a car being stuck in the system, so that even when one component is out of commission, another component performs the same action.

U-tron is offered with a 24/7 local service availability to address any site dispatch needs and ensure smooth operations and quick response to service calls.

U-tron removes the human factor from parking. It does not get tired or distracted. Each of the U-tron components is equipped with multiple sensors that constantly secure the position and placement of the vehicle, practically eliminating damage to vehicles.

The accuracy of the U-tron system is many times higher than other parking options such as valet or self-park.

U-tron provides 24/7 call center with immediate response to service calls. In case of a fault, any user can report the case, and a U-tron technician connects remotely to the site to resolve the case. If needed, a technician will be dispatched immediately to the site.

U-tron is designed with a backup generator that allows the system to continue its defined performance level.

Users enjoys a valet parking experience – without the valet. U-tron provides a high level of system interaction through an app and local displays, providing total control over the entire parking process.

Retrieval time varies and is dependent on the system’s performance level and users’ retrieval rates. U- tron plans each system according to the project’s needs in order to reach fast cycle time, within minutes.

U-tron systems are designed for various vehicle dimensions based on the site’s geographical location (market) and space constraints. In addition, U-Tron is customizable to accommodate different vehicle dimensions.

U-tron’s team works with the developer, architect and other design team members to ensure parking requirements are met and rejection rates are minimized.

Yes. Parking with U-tron is the same as parking in your own home garage or even a private vault. No one has access to your vehicle, drives your car and maneuvers next to it, thus providing the highest level of safety and security, and eliminating the risk for damages.

U-tron provides a unique mix of qualifications that place it above the competition. The combination of dealing directly with a manufacturer with 30 years of experience, the one-stop-shop approach (all disciplines in-house) and field proven installations, result in superior solutions and operations.

U-tron provides an intuitive user interface which guides the user through the parking process, using screens that include verbal and graphic instructions.

To retrieve belongings from a parked vehicle it needs to be retrieved to an exit bay. The system will allow the vehicle to be stored back without the need to drive it out and in again.

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