Right now, we live in a world where a lot of people are seeking out eco-friendly solutions to as many aspects of their lives as possible. Parking may not be the first thing on everyone’s mind when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint, but if you think about the massive multi-billion dollar parking industry and all that comes with it, you’ll see why it could be a valuable choice.

Mechanical parking solutions are being developed and perfected to provide a better answer to the modern parking garage. This is one way that parking garages are becoming more efficient and reducing their impact on the environment. When you can park at a higher density using less space, you’ll get a lot more land to develop for business or even create a green space.

Mechanical parking also means that you won’t have drivers making laps around the garage, trying to find a spot, and clogging the air up with emissions. They simply park and empty the car, and then once all passengers are out, U-tron’s system takes the car to an available space and parks it. When the driver returns with their ticket or app, the system will retrieve their vehicle and they can leave.

This saves a lot of time and labor, and can help provide a more efficient solution that is standardized and reduces the risks of any potential human errors or other issues that could arise. It allows developments to create a parking space in a smaller square footage, which is always a win.

Developments are advertising mechanical parking services as amenities—whether for business buildings or residential condos and apartments, these parking systems are better than a self-parking garage or surface lot. Check them out for yourself and see if they’re a good fit for your next project.