In the heart of Boston’s Financial District, One Post Office Square stands as a testament to architectural longevity and modern innovation. Originally built in the early 1980s, this 41-story tower has not only endured the test of time but has undergone a luxurious redevelopment, redefining Class A office space in the city.
Utron, a pioneer in automated parking solutions, proudly contributes to this landmark building with its Slide System, providing space-saving parking in this iconic location.

About One Post Office Building

Situated in the bustling Financial District, One Post Office Square has been a fixture of the Boston skyline for decades. The recent redevelopment breathes new life into this architectural gem, replacing its traditional facade with floor-to-ceiling glass. This transformation includes public-facing retail spaces, elevated amenities nurturing both the mind and body, and seven distinct roof decks offering breathtaking views of the city.


OPOS before, Boston, Automated parking


OPOS Boston automated parking

The Automated Parking Benefit

At One Post Office Square the capacity for the garage is set at 235 parking spaces, reflecting a strategic reduction of 100 spaces compared to the demolished garage. However, this reduction is cleverly accommodated within approximately half the volume of the original conventional garage.
This transformation not only optimized parking space but also liberated over 80,000 square feet of usable area. Furthermore, it opens up the exciting potential to incorporate an additional 25,000 square feet of usable area at the upper volume of the garage that converted into leasable space.
The automated parking solution at OPOS not only enhances parking efficiency but also unlocks possibilities for space utilization.

The First Automated Parking Garage at Downtown Boston

As you enter One Post Office Square, the improvements are immediately apparent.
The first downtown Boston automated parking system by Utron takes center stage, providing a seamless and efficient solution for office workers and visitors. The system is designed to safely store vehicles during their occupants’ stay in the building.
Our garage at OPOS features 6 parking floors, 256 conveyors, 235 parking spaces, and 24 EV charging locations (utilizing our EV charging solutions).

OPOS, Boston automated parking

Our technology allows users to park their cars and summon them directly from their smartphones or our kiosks, using our Utron Smart system, eliminating conventional parking hassles and offering a great experience from start to finish.
Utron’s commitment to innovation is evident in its approach to parking solutions, seamlessly blending technology with convenience.

U-tron Smart services

About Utron’s Slide System

Utron’s Slide System—a Conveyor Automated Parking solution—is advancement in modern parking technology. This parking system comprises stationary conveyors executing multi-dimensional movements of vehicles stored on pallets, providing an efficient and space-saving alternative to traditional parking structures.

Slide solution represents the ascent of parking technology—one where convenience, technology, and space optimization converge.