U-tron Slide – Conveyor Automated Parking System

Conveyor Automated Parking – Flexible & Dense Solution

U-tron Slide is a Conveyor Automated Parking system, also referred to as “Matrix” or “Puzzle” parking system. The system is composed of stationary conveyors performing multi-dimensional movements of vehicles stored on pallets, on a single/multi-level structure.

Vehicles are stored on pallets on top of the conveyors yielding very high square-footage efficiency and fast parking and retrieval cycles.

The conveyor arrays allow multi-path movements which increase the system’s redundancy. However, performance levels are directly related to the complexity of the conveyors array arrangement.

Components of U-tron Slide systems are: entry/exit bay room, turntable and lift components and shuttles. The difference between a conveyor and a shuttle-based system is that U-tron Slide requires a conveyor incorporated in the system as a part of the array.

The system components allow for wrapping around structural elements such as columns and core. This is what enables a flexible parking design of large as well as small and challenging sites, even in odd shaped geometries.

The advantages of The U-tron Slide systems

  • Design flexibility
  • Simple system components
  • Very high density
  • Suitable for retrofit

Typical Layouts

Standard U-tron Slide Solution

Conveyors array wrapping around elevator core and stairs

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