By replacing the conventional underground parking with
U-tron’s automated parking system, we were able to build a
significantly smaller parking structure below grade allowing us to create valuable retail space

John C. Petras, Managing Principal | George Michelis, Managing Principal,
Rockfarmer Properties ,21-21, 31 Street

The below grade retail space will now generate income and allow us to attract a high volume big box tenant and achieve stronger rents above grade resulting in a favorable ROI for project. We met on-site with U-tron’s principles many times, and I know these are people I can trust. Technology wise, this solution puts us way ahead of our competitors, and I plan to copy the success in our future projects.

Testimonial about robotic parking
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Less usable space committed to parking translates into a more efficient
development, both from an economic and environmental standpoint

Matt Testa, Director of construction, Bijou Properties

By partnering with U-tron early in the project concept phase, we were able to recapture valuable day-lit residential and retail space from the building perimeter while compressing the parking volume deep into the building core. We were also able to pull all parking levels above grade while still hitting our parking space quota, further adding value by voiding expensive and complex subterranean construction processes

Testimonial about automated parking project
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The public garage serves
City Hall and the renovated Community Plaza. By choosing
U-tron we enjoyed a win-win-win situation

Oscar Delgado, Director of Public Works, City of West Hollywood

We were able to reduce the structure’s footprint by -40% and eliminate the need for ramps. The space that was freed up was turned into a public plaza. By doing away with rooftop parking, there was space for solar panels which power the entire parking system.

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It’s also personal for me. I park my car in a
U-tron garage every night and I love it

Dean Marchetto, Architect, MHS, Park+Garden

Working with U-tron opened up new opportunities for us in the design of our mixed-use building. U-tron’ parking systems allowed us to reduce the size of our parking area by 35% resulting in significant additional space for principle uses such as commercial or residential units. In one case it allowed us to eliminate a costly basement parking level which saved significant time and money in construction.

Why I chose U-tron automated parking solutions
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More parking in less space – I’ll take that deal everyday.
Not only U-tron doubled my project’s parking capacity, it also freed up 10,000 sq-ft of storage space, which were highly needed for my fresh food market tenant.

Aaron Stickney, Director of Development, Treetop Development
Client talks about automated parking project

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