Drastic reduction of space required (30% to 50% less than conventional parking)  Efficient and cutting costs across the board  Improves development value and accelerates ROI  Saving space, which increases use of valuable revenue-generating area  Reduced development costs Reduced construction schedule Reduced operational costs including utilities, insurance premiums, and personnel  Accelerated depreciation

Savings achieved through

  • Reduced excavation requirements
  • Reduced construction materials

  • Shorter construction schedule

  • Reduced parking footprint (with same capacity)

  • Optimized real estate and increased value

Ongoing savings

  • Energy Cost Savings
    Reduced lighting and ventilation requirements
  • Personnel Cost Savings
    Elimination of valets parking cars within the garage
  • Insurance Premium Savings
    Parking structure is an unoccupied space
  • Maintenance Cost Savings
    Reduction in overall maintenance/repair costs
  • Prolong Replacement Costs
    Increase in useful life of system

Design benefits

  • A tool for superior design

  • Better building functionality

  • Stand alone solution

  • Full design flexibility Parking

  • Design is seamless with the building design

  • Reduced footprint allows for improved functionality and building flow

Sustainability benefits

  • Significantly reduce vehicle emissions and fuel use

  • Reduce carbon footprint due to lower power consumption

  • Smaller footprint yields less building materials