The U-tron system enables fully automated, high-density, parking. Let’s dive in and understand how the automated parking system actually works.

The automated parking process

The automated parking process is simple: drivers pull into a wide bay. A set of sensors measure car dimensions and the driver is quickly guided into position by a screen in front of the car. The driver locks the car and leaves the bay with the car keys.

The driver is initiating the parking process by swiping a fob, a card or simply push a parking button on U-tron’s App.

When the request at the app/kiosk is completed, the bay door closes, and sensors sweep the room to detect that there is no movement outside the car. If the system detects life signals it will not start the parking process.
A shuttle system smoothly transports the car from the bay and stores it in its optimal spot according to the car’s dimensions.
The Bay room is now ready to receive and park another car.

The retrieval Process

The retrieval process starts with the driver pushes the ‘Retrieve’ button on the app or swipes a fob / card at the kiosk payment machine. (Transients will then pay the parking fee).

The app / kiosk screen displays the car status, estimated time for retrieval and bay number that the car will be delivered to. The system delivers the car to the designated bay room and a door opens for the driver to pick the car. The car is facing out and ready to go.

Types of automated parking solutions

U-tron Pace

U-tron PACE  is a single/multi-level, high-performance system composed of Lifts, Shuttles and entry/exit Bay rooms. There are multiple Shuttles which move across the parking levels using the system’s lifts.

The Shuttle consists of a pair of satellite robots, which adjust to the car’s wheel base and lift the car of the surface from its tires. The system is controlled by a management software and logic controllers

U-tron Slide

U-tron SLIDE is a single/multi-level composed of Lifts, conveyors and entry/exit Bay rooms. U-tron SLIDE is designed to allow for flexible parking arrays on small and challenging sites. Cars are stored on pallets which are conveyed in a matrix array, for efficient and fast cycles. The conveyor arrays allow multi-path movements which increase the system’s redundancy. The system is customizable for different vehicle dimensions, based on the available parking footprint.

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