At U-tron we believe in educated decisions! When designing an Automated Parking Solution multiple considerations come into play, ranging from capacity and performance, through functionality, and the user experience.

In this series of newsletters, we will review the design considerations on the path to a successful automated parking system design.

Things to Consider in Designing a Parking System

      1. Parking capacity
        • Vehicle dimensions
        • Overall parking capacity –Should it all be automated?
      2. Automated Parking System performance
        • What is system performance and how is it measured?
        • Typical performance requirements for different uses (such as residential, office, mixed-use, etc.)
      3. Street access and entry/exit level design
        • Entry/Exit level
          • Minimizing the impact of parking on prime real-estate.
          • Designing entry/exit rooms and waiting area for safety, security and ADA compliance.
          • Climate and wind considerations
        • Access
          • Queuing
          • Turning radius
          • Building flow – Separation of vehicular traffic from pedestrian traffic
          • Back of the house – how to combine parking with other building operations
        • The robotic parking vault – how to design the most efficient structure
          • Analysis of North American vehicle dimensions
          • Vehicle distribution – geographical and specific location of the project
          • Smaller volume Vs. performance flexibility
      4. Fitting the right Autonomous Parking System to the development needs

If you wish to add to this list or address a specific question about your project, leave us your comment here.

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