Let The U-tron App Be Your Parking Manager

U-tron Mobile App enables users to park and retrieve their vehicles from their mobile devices.
Users get full visibility of their parking process, ETA, and car position in the queue to reduce their waiting time significantly.
They can request their vehicles’ delivery from their home or office and manage their time according to real-time system data.

They can use the app for payments instead of using the traditional kiosk.

The mobile app further provides a more clean environment that helps avoid sharing touchpoints with the surroundings – a big advantage during those pandemic times.

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U-tron automated parking app special features
Icons of U-trn Smart service ecosystem

Give Your Tenants a Superior User Experience

Using an automated parking system dismissed the need to walk inside a garage, and created a safe and secure experience. Yet, the U-tron app enhanced the parking experience to a seamless and easy-to-use action.

Typically, building owners look for ways to enhance their customers’ satisfaction and improve their day-to-day engagements with the building's facilities. With the U-tron app, users can get additional services such as ADA compliance or EV charging. Building management can use it as a premium amenity and even as a revenue opportunity. 

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Supported Features and Customization Options

  • Live data from the garage - ETA, Position in queue

  • Variety of payment / credential methods

  • EV charging upon request

  • Wheelchair access request

  • Personalization of registered vehicles

  • 24/7 Live help

U-tron automated parking app screens
Start a one-hour AIA Contiuing Education Course about Automated Parking. The course is 1 LU accredited and you can take it online on your own time.

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