The foundation design of any auto parking garage, as well as a traditional one, desires to give drivers the fastest way out experience, spending minimum time from the moment they decide to leave until their actual exit.
However, there is a difference between Automated and Traditional parking that involves what we call – The psychology of waiting.

“Waiting is frustrating, demoralizing, agonizing, aggravating, annoying, time consuming and incredibly expensive.”

Noted the famous Federal Express advertisement from the 80’

We all familiar with the traditional parking process: we walk inside the garage, take an elevator or stairs, get into the car, and slide through ramps. We stop at the gate to pay or validate our ticket, and exit.

An auto parking garage offers an entirely different experience, often addressed as a Valet-Without-The-Valet experience.
To get vehicles out, users initiate the parking process by paying their ticket or swiping their fob at the kiosk located in the lobby, and that’s all. The system delivers the vehicle to the bay room. Drivers have nothing more to do but wait.
Nonetheless, we don’t like waiting.

“Occupied Time Feels Shorter Than Unoccupied Time”
David Maister, a worldwide leading authority of management professional services

Let’s look at the user experience in an extreme situation and compare conventional parking vs. an auto parking garage.

Conventional garage = “Occupied time”

A parking garage designed to perform 100 cycles per hour has 50 people claiming their car at once. It’s simple math: it will take the last person 30 minutes to leave the garage. In Coronavirus times when social distancing is firmly practiced, elevators’ capacity is smaller than usual, and the retrieving process might get even slower.

Automated Garage = “Unoccupied time”

In an automated parking garage it will also take 30 minutes for the last driver to leave, but the difference is that this driver is going to wait until the automated system completes the delivery.

In both cases, drivers spend 30 minutes to get out of the garage, but in the conventional garage, users walk, drive, pay, and keep themselves busy, while in an automated garage they just wait.

Mobile App – Saving Time and Exposure

To cope with the frustration of waiting, we developed our own first in the market, U-tron mobile app!

Users will no longer have to guess their vehicle delivery time or feel the agonizing and wasteful taste of waiting. With U-tron app, they will get the exact ETA for their vehicle delivery so they can manage their time effectively. Drivers can choose a later delivery if ETA is too long or schedule their pick up time in advance.

Moreover, in the post-pandemic world, most users will prefer touchless parking solutions that eliminate potential health hazards. The U-tron app enables to perform complete parking and retrieving process using a mobile device.

It’s a game-changer user experience for fast and easy parking.

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