Parking has always been a challenge for new developments, especially in dense urban areas, yet the industry didn’t offer many changes over the years.

With the emerging of new technologies and the changes in car ownership patterns, Automated Parking is becoming a game changing enabler for architects and developers. Not only it saves significant parking volume, but it helps to deliver a better building flow and a superb user experience. Moreover, it serves as a design tool for architects to plan future-ready buildings and cope with the rapidly changing environment.

So what is Automated Parking?

In short – It’s a system that takes care of the whole parking process without any human involvement. Users drive their car into a big bay room, lock the vehicle and leave with their car keys. The system is responsible for selecting a parking space, storing and later retrieving the vehicle.

U-tron AIA CES Course

We developed an Introduction to Automated Parking program for Architects. The course encompasses the main considerations, benefits and key ‘how it works’ explanations of an Automated Parking system.

The course is AIA accredited 1 CE LU criteria.

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify an automated parking system from a selection of parking storage systems
  • Explain how a typical automated parking system works
  • Explain the benefits of automated parking to others
  • Identify when to use automated parking as the appropriate parking storage solution

Don’t stay behind the industry!

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