There’s a lot of talk lately about parking automation, and as the way we utilize technology continues to evolve, parking continues to provide better solutions. Parking has long been an expensive issue for both consumers and businesses, tenants and building owners, and who pay to build a parking garage, and equally, park in it.

Mechanical parking solutions change all that. Here are a few perks to consider when you’re thinking about mechanical parking solutions for your apartment building.


As far as amenities go, a fully-automated system is a premium in terms of convenience—who isn’t going to love being able to pull in, get out, and watch their car be shuttled off to the appropriate space before heading into the building without the hassles of having to park? Plus, it just takes a few taps in the app to retrieve the vehicle the next time you’re ready to leave.


The added security of automated parking is another benefit to consider. You won’t have to pay for gate attendants or lot security because the automated system will have secure storage that cannot be accessed by outsiders. It gives you and your tenants peace of mind and can even lower insurance rates. It also reduces the risk of theft associated with vehicles and their parts.


Automated parking is highly efficient, allowing you to park more cars in less time. Plus, since cars don’t need to be running to park, it reduces emissions and improves your energy efficiency.

There are several benefits to a fully-automated parking solution. These are just a few of the most prominent highlights. If you are looking for a way to upgrade your apartment building, consider an amenity like premium automated parking for your tenants.