6 Ways Automated Parking Is Changing the User Experience

Park. Lock. Leave. The average American spends 290 hours behind the wheel each year. Seventeen of those hours are spent looking for parking spots. With the increased adoption of automated parking, that number will reach zero in the future.

At a Unitronics-designed garage, drivers never set foot in a parking structure. After pulling a car into an entry bay, a driver exits the vehicle and a combination of robotic shuttles and conveyors come to whisk it away to an available space. Human participation is reduced to grabbing a ticket at a nearby kiosk. When it comes time to retrieve the vehicle, the same automated system returns the car to the driver in minutes.

Like the evolving interfaces of popular apps and mobile devices, automated parking makes the process seamless, painless and convenient. From ending the hunt for parking space to the beautification of once-dismal parking in real estate development, here are six ways automated parking is making a dreaded experience enjoyable….

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